Magic from South Yorkshire to the world

Magic Rock Brewery: Dark Arts Craft Beer

Originally founded in 2011 by brothers Richard and Jonathan Burhouse, Magic Rock Brewery based in Huddersfield has always strived to improve the quality of the beer and the customers experience.

This year the brewery celebrated their fifth birthday, and have also increased production with over 70,000 cubic litres of the good stuff now produced from the brewery in South Yorkshire.

Jonathan said: “The main issue we face being based in Yorkshire is producing the product cheaply enough to allow us enough of a profit margin back to invest into improving the craft beer we produce.

Duncan Sime: Tap Room Manager

“The local market is very price orientated and there’s a section of the drinking public who will never understand that our beer can be more than a very cheap product to be drunk in very large quantities.” How Magic Rock differ from other breweries are flavour with their craft beer containing more hops and an uncompromising attitude that runs through all their beers.

IPA ‘Indian Pale Ale’ has been the main product that has driven craft beer both in the US and the UK, well-made examples are very different to anything that has gone before Jonathan explained and are what inspired him to start the brewery, and they’re what will continue to attract new drinkers to the sector.

Asked whether the decision to leave the European union has affected the Brewery he explained that Brexit will have the potential to cause several problems, he said: “We are exporting to more than twenty countries both in and outside the European Union and we would expect an increase in bureaucracy and complications to the process of export which will undoubtedly make the beer more expensive for the countries buying it.”

However short term the pound has become weaker since July and the brewery is enjoying a good demand from our customers abroad Richard explained. Exporting has offset the increased cost of imported ingredients and packaging which the brewery sources from abroad.

Since it was founded back in 2011 Magic Rock brewery have continually invested in new equipment and have always strived to improve the quality of the beer that they produce, recently they took part in Brewer’s Market at Canal Mills in Leeds, an annual beer festival enabling drinkers to try some of their favourite beers.

Improving Beer Quality: Processing At Every Stage

From ‘high wire grapefruit’, ‘Salty Kiss’. ‘Inhaler’ and Cannonball which was the strongest they had on tap with a high alcohol volume of 7.4% ‘Cannonball’ is an Indian pale ale in the true tradition, and in the words of head brewer Stuart Ross, this beer is massively hopped to survive a long sea voyage. Thankfully we didn’t have to injure a long sea voyage to sample it, with a hint of tropicality and a sweet malt backbone, this beer was a firm favourite.

Interestingly Magic Rock brewery has always found ways of promoting its products through social media and the company has a trendy youthful following not just in the UK but with its products being sold in the Channel Islands, Switzerland and Belgium.

It certainly is one of Yorkshire’s better exporters. The Magic is in the beer.



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