Lee Francis Media launches new website on WordPress


We have re-designed the website many times since we launched in 1992. We have had several redesigns over the years.

When we launched originally we started designing with coffee cup software which has always been a html editor. Since we have used Serif Webplus and also Wix a website builder before settling down with Adobe Dreamweaver as it is known today from about 2002 onwards.

What our website looked like in 2007. Courtesy of Wayback Machine.

Dreamweaver enabled us to work with php MySql databases which was useful especially because we were able to show content on different pages from area of the website.

Over the years however WordPress which started out as a blogging application has quickly become a very sophisticated and easy way to show website content online, and is now used across the world.

WordPress is a content management system and is used by many website companies nowadays. A content management system enables registered users to post content quickly, and is the way forward for many web designers nowadays.

So we thought we would finally take the plunge and have re-designed the website on WordPress CMS. We hope you enjoy the new website, please feedback if you have any suggestions we may have forgotten to implement.



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